Will a Clothes Steamer Replace My Iron

You might be wondering if using an iron is really best, or if you should be using a garment steamer instead. It’s hard to answer this question where you can feel confident using one or the other in every circumstance.

There are certainly times when using a garment steamer is a better idea, but in other instances, it makes more sense to use an iron. If you feel a certain amount of confusion, you’re not alone. Fortunately, it can be broken down easily so if you want to know when you should use a steamer and when you should be using an iron, keep reading to find out more information.

Will a Clothes Steamer Replace My Iron

When is a Garment Steamer Your Best Option?

If you’re working with a material that is extremely delicate, as well as something that should only be dry cleaned, it’s better to use a garment steamer. These materials can easily be damaged. If you’re not careful, you can even cause damage to the garment steamer, so you certainly shouldn’t be putting an iron on these types of fabrics.

If you’re working on something that is made from silk or chiffon, as well as suede, there’s no way you should be using any type of excessive heat. That means that an iron is off limits when it comes to these types of materials.

You shouldn’t even be using a garment steamer, but if you’re working with something that’s terribly wrinkled, you might be able to get away with holding the steamer several inches away from the garment and putting just enough heat on it to get the wrinkles to come out. Whatever you do, don’t allow the steamer to get too close to the fabric.

Will a Clothes Steamer Replace My Iron

When is it Best to Use an Iron?

An iron works best on heavier material. Ideally, they are a good option when you’re working with something that’s made from 100% cotton. If you think about the uniform pants that people in emergency services must wear, this is a time when it’s best to use an iron. Sure, a garment steamer will get the wrinkles out of this type of material without a problem, but you won’t get the sharp creases that most people are looking for when it comes to wearing a uniform.

Therefore, an iron is your better option. If for some reason, you feel the need to press your jeans, it’s also better to use an iron because a garment steamer may not be able to get the job done on such a heavy fabric.

Will a Clothes Steamer Replace My Iron

Cotton Shirts and Similar Materials

A lot of the time, you simply need to get the wrinkles out after you have washed a button-down shirt or something similar. If that’s the case, a garment steamer might be the perfect answer. You can use this rule of thumb. If it’s something that you could place in a bathroom, turn the hot water on and steam it, then a garment steamer is going to work well for you.

If it’s something that needs to have well-pressed seams, you should use an iron. In addition, the more delicate the material, the less likely you are to have success with an iron. If it’s something that should be dry cleaned instead of washed, your best bet is to use a garment steamer. Even if you’re not using it to clean the garments as much as you are to get the wrinkles out, it’s still best to be as gentle as possible in order to avoid damage to the fabric.

In closing, it’s appropriate to have both items on hand and to use both of them on a regular basis. It’s not always appropriate to use an iron, but it isn’t always a good idea to use a garment steamer, either. It all depends on the type of material that you’re working with and what your goals are. For instance, are you using a garment steamer to clean a garment as opposed to taking it to the dry cleaner or are you just trying to get the wrinkles out?

Follow the directions on the labels for the article of clothing in question and start out with the gentlest possible technique. That way, you can avoid causing damage to the fabric, and you still get the results you want.