How To Use Shark Steam Mop

Is utilizing a Shark Steam Mop as stress-free as pressing a button? Yes, it’s that simple!

A good number of Shark devices normally allow users to select from 3 settings – scrub, mop, and dust. They feature quick-release cleaning heads that come in 2 shapes – rectangle and triangle. You need to snap off the rectangle head and then pop on the triangle head in order to clean corners.

To start cleaning, you need ordinary tap water as well as a power source. 

How To Use Shark Steam Mop

Using Your Steam Mop

Important Note: Ensure that you do not utilize the mop without adding water to the tank and attaching the micro-fiber pocket first. Anytime you utilize the mop for your first time, it may take longer than the usual thirty seconds may in order to begin steaming. All you need to do is pump the handle for a couple of times in downwards in order to prime the prime. It ought to be ready.

Step 1: Pull and then twist the quick-release cord holder in order to completely unwrap the power cord. Doing so saves you time substantially in the latter stages. Plug to a 120-volt electrical outlet. Make sure that the power ‘On’ light turns blue. The mop should take approximately 30 seconds to heat up as well as the steam to be ready. 

Note: Before you use the steam mop, ensure that the floors are vacuumed or swept 

Step 2: Pump your mop’s handle several times in a downwards motion. The pumping action releases steam you mop. It also enables you to customize the steam amount you want. Start mopping with a backward and forward motion. The natural mopping motion produces steam. 

Step 3: Is one side of your micro-fiber pocket dirty? If yes, then flip the mop head and start to use the other side real time. Dirt cannot hide on either side. It can only do on one side. 

Note: Wait for roughly 3-5 minutes for your Steam Mop to cool off prior to switching micro-fiber pockets or the mop head. 

Step 4: Anytime your mop’s water tank is empty, the steam mop stops to produce steam. The good thing is that you can always refill the mop’s water tank at any time provided you unplug the mop from the outlet. The same applies to switching micro-fiber pockets or mop heads.

Note: Make sure that you never leave your steam mop with a wet/damp micro-fiber pocket on a floor surface even for a short duration. Doing so might damage your floor.

Shark Steam Mop

How to Care For Your Steam Mop

After Use and Storage 

  1. After using your steam mop and the floor is dazzling clean, you ought to unplug the mop’s cord from the outlet. After this, move it to an upright position.

Next, allow the unit to cool for roughly 2-3 minutes. Release the steam by pumping the handle a couple of times prior to removing micro-fiber cleaning pocket from its mop head.

  1. To remove the micro-fiber cleaning pocket, all you need to do is release the quick fasteners and utilize the lavender loop on the pocket’s side. You should refrain from contacting the hot pocket as well as dirt at all cost. Next, empty the mop’s water tank.

Note: Be highly cautious when removing the cleaning pockets since they can be extremely hot from the steam. Allow the unit approximately 2-3 minutes to cool.

  1. So which is the best way to store your Shark Steam Mop? The most effective way of storing it is by hanging it up. Nonetheless, before doing so, you need to first detach the head (Make sure it has cooled down completely and steam is released). After removing the head, you need to hang on a big hook.

Note: Do you want to store your mop standing upright? If yes, then ensure it is leaning against a wall for extra safety and support. You must always store your mop with its micro-fiber pocket detached. Additionally, it must always be kept away from kids or the high traffic areas.


Using your Shark Steam Mop shouldn’t be as difficult as many people claim to be. All you need to do is adhere to the guidelines laid down above. The entire process should be a walk in the park. All the best in your cleaning!