Sunbeam Handheld Garment Steamer

If you’ve ever been at work, getting ready for that big meeting and suddenly notice that your suit jacket is wrinkled, you know how important a handheld, compact and portable garment steamer is. Indeed, life is full of episodes where you need your clothes not only wrinkle and crease free, but also fresh smelling. In such cases a portable garment steamer is a must to own. These easily store in your luggage, office desk or home linen closet. One of the best garment steamers on the market is the Sunbeam Hand held garment steamer.

Sunbeam Hand Held Garment Steamer

The Sunbeam hand held garment steamer is manufactured by a company you know you can trust: Sunbeam Indicator lights for ‘wait’ and ‘ready’ let you know when your steamer is set to go. Ready to use in under 45 seconds, it comes with a large, easy to refill twist-off water tank which holds enough steam for 15 minutes of continuous usage. Using continuous steam with this model is easy with the steam trigger lock down feature.

Simply slide the switch for a trigger controlled steam, or lock the switch into place for one, long continuous flow of steam. This model has a heated, wide press bar to aid in smoothing out wrinkles, drying the fibers to make sure that the wrinkles to not return. This model is known for its wide spread of continuous steam, which allows for greater coverage in a shorter amount of time. Not all fabric is the same, and with the Sunbeam garment steamer, you have a choice between low and high temperatures.

Easy to Handle and Use

You most certainly will not have any handling issues with the Sunbeam Hand Held Fabric Steamer. This handy and multi-functional garment steamer has a 360 degree swivel cord to minimize twisting while you work around your garment, drapery, bedding or upholstery. Sunbeam designed this model to have a smooth, curved, ergonomic build. This ensures that your hand will not tire out during prolonged use. It is also designed to have a wide, flat base so it can stand up on a flat surface while readjusting the garment. 

Freshens and Sanitizes

Steam is not only good for relaxing wrinkles and removing creases, but also freshens and sanitizes fabrics. The Sunbeam Hand Held Garment Steamer comes in handy while traveling and no laudromats are readily available. Simply begin to steam your garment to help kill odors and freshen up the fabric for more use. The steam from the Sunbeam Hand Held Fabric Steamer will reach temperatures which are hot enough to kill dust mites, fleas and bedbugs. As can be seen, these portable steamers are also excellent when it comes to sanitizing mattresses, bedding and pillows in hotel rooms, for a restful sleep.

Steam Vs. Travel Iron

While each choice has its pros and cons, the ultimate decision rests with you and the fabrics you will be using the products. on. Hand held steamers such as the Sunbeam, make sure that the fabrics are relaxed, and not flattened. This way, there is less wear and tear on the fabrics and little or no chance that the fabric will become discolored due to scorching. Also, remember that the steamer cannot press dress shirts. Irons are for pressing fabrics and creating pants creases, while garment steamers are more geared to removing wrinkles.

Product Features

  • Ready to use in under 45 seconds
  • Freshens and sanitizes
  • Relaxes wrinkles/creases
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Large, easy to fill water tank
  • 360 degree Swivel cord


The Sunbeam Hand Held Garment Steamer is perfectly made for home, office or travel. Durable and dependable, this appliance will relax wrinkles and creases as well as sanitize and freshen clothing, bedding and upholstery. Product dimensions are 6 x 13 x 8 inches, and the steamer itself weighs in at 3 pounds, so its very easy to pack in a suitcase, store in an office desk drawer or in a linen closet. As with all appliances, please make sure you read your user manual, and always check to make sure that the fabrics you use are steam friendly.