How To Steam Clean a Mattress

Every single day after a long and tiring day we all fall on our mattresses seeking rest after a very long day. We practically spend 1/3 of our life on a bed lying down. We sweat on the mattresses and shed a lot of dirt up to and including dandruffs from our hair on the bed sheets. As much as we clean the bed sheets and change them regularly we never consider the fact that some dirt and sweat my pass and get to the mattress itself.

The mattresses come with covers of their own but unlike the sheets we use they are not removable. They are permanent mattress covers that will only be separated from the mattress when worn out and torn. Despite all this most people do not see the need to or do not remember that the mattresses too might need some cleaning.

The first step in cleaning your mattress will be finding out more about the make of the mattress you use. Check the mattress manual and see if it is safe to steam it. Then research on the drying time. Some may take a short while others may take a relatively longer time. The time span for a mattress to get dry is approximately 2 to 6 hours.


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The first step in steaming the mattress is vacuuming the mattress. The mattress has a lot of dust debris and this will need to be removed before steaming begins. It will help in removing the dirt particles that pass through the bed sheets, snack particles, dead cells from the body that were shed on the mattress, and dust particles that enter the mattress from the room particles. The best way of vacuuming will be the use of a hose tool. The rotary tool is more preferred since it has the ability to remove embedded debris in the mattress


To get good results a person needs to remove the mattress from the platform in which it is placed. This will help in exposing it to more air and the mattress will dry faster after being steamed. The removing of the mattress from the bed will also give you a chance to steam both sides therefore cleaning it completely.


We tend to produce over 500ml of sweat every night. Apart from this we also eat and drink snacks in bed sometimes. When drinks pour on our mattresses and it is combined with our sweat the mattress will get an odor of its own. Many at times this odor is less pleasing. To get such odors and other stuff out of your mattress you simply put baking soda to use.

Baking soda has been used over the use to deodorize things. Sift it over the mattress and let it be for around thirty minutes. After the half an hour wait you can then vacuum it. It will aid the process by neutralizing any odors that may have been lurking in the mattress. It is better to know that it will not clear away any stains.


You should ensure you choose a steam cleaning tool that will include the upholstery tool. Lay the mattress on the floor for better results and to make your work easier. You should use the cloth provided so as to collect moisture. By collecting the moisture you minimize the amount of time that could have been used when drying the mattress.

Do not steam the mattress at a continuous cycle but rather try doing it through short bursts which should be mixed with dry passes. This action will help in cleaning the mattress well enough.

Where there may be stains you will be required to pass the cloth over the stain more than once to remove it. As much as it is required of you to pass over the stain multiple times, it should not be repeated for more than 4 times. It should be repeated 3-4 times. Pressing the tool more on some of the more stubborn stains will help clean it out. After completing with one side turn over the mattress and repeat the same process to the other side, so as to clean both sides of the mattress.

The most important thing for you to remember is not to forget the sides. The edges and the sides are quite populous with the storage of debris and are quite forgotten at most times and therefore become the place where dust is mostly found.


Once the whole process is completed, put your mattress out to dry. It should take a short while to dry since moisture was used in the place of liquid. The mattress should be dry and ready for use before nightfall. The mattress should be turned over during drying so that both sides can ben dried well enough.

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