How To Steam Clean Furniture

It is quite possible to clean your own furniture at home without seeking professional help. We don’t have to entrust this task to some professional when we are quite capable of doing it ourselves and even end up saving up quite a lot from doing this service for ourselves.

All kinds of furniture require a good clean after a while. They serve us most of times and we don’t even think of keeping them clean or at least cleaning them regularly. A small percentage of people who own good furniture clean them but in the inappropriate way that may give relief immediately. This method however will cause a lot of damage on the furniture and after some time the furniture will be completely destroyed.

The appropriate way of cleaning the furniture will be upholstery cleaning. It is a type of steam cleaning. There are some items that are used for the cleaning. Some of the items necessary for cleaning are; scrub brush, fan, soil emulsifier, pre-conditioner, stem clean, and shampoo required for upholstery.

First step you take while cleaning the furniture is to remove all dust debris from the furniture using a vacuum cleaner. There are several kinds of debris hiding out in the pores and hidden places of the furniture. These include; dust, hair from human beings or from pets, and dandruff that falls from the hair and settle on the fabric. You should be careful and ensure all types of dirt are found in every crack and eradicated. Sometimes some debris tends to hide and end up messing up the furniture while cleaning it.


If there are evident stains on the furniture they need to be removed first hand. The stains should be sprayed using an upholstery cleaner. The cleaner will be able to break the stain and this mainly depends on the type of cleaner you choose to use on the stain in question.

The time for the cleaner to set on the furniture will also vary depending on the varying cleaners that are used on the furniture. It usually takes around 3-5 minutes with cleaner varieties. A soft cloth should be used to pull the stain out and for blotting the affected area. Most stains found on furniture are common stains. They might be food stains or debris, oil or poop and pee rom an infant.

Baking soda and water combined or a combination of vinegar and cornstarch or alch\ohol has also been used to treat such stains.


Steam cleaning is purposely used to remove the stains debris that has been ground into the material of the furniture. Chemicals such as soil emulsifiers are used loosen up this kind of elements that are in the fabric of the furniture. Spray the chemical on the fabric and let it settle for a few minutes before spraying the upholstery shampoo over it. Use the scrub brush to brush the shampoo over the fabric. The shampoo and emulsifier will come off during steaming and it should not be a cause for worry. You should ensure that the fabric to be steam cleaned is capable of handling moisture based methods of cleaning.


You should ensure you have the right stem cleaner for your specified fabric. The most suitable for cleaning furniture will be the handheld steam cleaners or those with detachable hoses. They can also have detachable wands. It will work effectively only if you will need to add some water and the cleaner to the steam cleaner machine. Excess soap should be avoided as much as possible. It is much easier to clean than when the soap is in excess.

While steam cleaning, make it a routine to start with the cushions. Start with the removable pillows if available. Clean both sides of the cushion and pillows or the side that is normally exposed. Repeat the process of spraying the surface of the pillows. This will make them wet from the moisture.

The rest of the parts of the furniture will be cleaned last. The furniture should be cleaned per section. The process is repeated in bits till the entire furniture is covered. In case of any spots still in the furniture the spot can be steamed over and over so as to remove the stain.


Once you are done steam cleaning the furniture you are required to put out the furniture for it to dry. The amount of time usually varies. It is mainly based on the amount of moisture the furniture absorbed during steaming. It also depends on the weather of the day. Naturally on a sunny day it will dry faster than on a humid day. The drying process can as well be sped up using a fan, the use of a blow dryer. In any case of discoloration the furniture may need further cleaning.

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