Rowenta Master Valet Review (Updated March ’20)

The Rowenta Master Valet is a household steamer whose main priorities lie within the realm of convenience and easy operation. Not only is this achieved through its somewhat-lightweight status, you should find it very convenient even when stacked up against those of an equally lightweight stature. This is achieved primarily through a great steam time, a very short heat-up time and a large variety of included accessories which each aim to give you everything you need for a proper steam cleaning all in one package. Included accessories aside, the Rowenta Master Valet has a great set of specifications as well, giving you the power you need to tackle any steaming job without weighing you down too much in the process.


After filling the Rowenta Master Valet to the top and turning it on long enough for it to reach its full steam output, you’ll be able to run it continuously for a whole hour. While this may not sound like an overly long time, it’s quite good when you consider just how convenient and lightweight the Rowenta Master Valet truly is. Typically, more convenient steamers will often have a lower steam time. After all, there’s nothing convenient about lugging around a giant water tank. All things considered, the unit’s one-hour steaming time is great. Because steaming is such an easy process with this unit, expect to get multiple loads of laundry out of one full run.


I think this is where the Rowenta Master Valet may most surprise you. While it’s not the very smallest steamer on the market, its heat-up time would possibly suggest otherwise. Generally speaking, you can expect to be able to use the steamer in under a minute after turning it on. Of coarse, this will vary depending on how much water needs to be heated in the first place, as well as the temperature of the water in question. All in all, you can expect to be able to perform quick touch ups on clothing as you head out the door in the morning.


If I could give the Rowenta Master Valet a six out of five, I would. It exceeds expectations in every way when it comes down to the sheer efficiency with which it is able to operate. This is due in part to its specs, which give it a nice degree of power. The accessories which come with it are also extremely convenient and are sure to speed up your steaming process. For example, it comes with a roll-out “ironing board” (for lack of a better term) which adds a huge degree of portability to the unit without sacrificing on size and power.

It also comes with two heads (nozzles), a fabric brush and even a little tool which is meant to attract lint and separate it from clothes. The Rowenta Master Valet simply gives a more full-spectrum cleaning experience than any other steamer on the market. Unless you need the steamer with the most raw power on the market, this is likely to prove your most effective steamer option.


The Rowenta Master Valet is about as durable as it gets. A common trend among a large portion of high-end steamers is to increase the unit’s level of durability through focusing on the weakest link of the chain; the steamer’s joints. The Rowenta Master Valet is no different in this regard. This allows it to be completely resistant to minor bumps and drops, which is a great thing for reasons which needn’t be illustrated.


Overall, it’s hard to deny that the Rowenta Master Valet is one of the very best steamers at your disposal. Of course, there’s always a catch. In the Master Valet’s case, the catch in question can be found within the terms of its warranty. While the warranty covers just as many potential mishaps as any other steamer’s warranty, it only lasts for one year after purchase. While the unit itself will almost definitely outlive its warranty by a great deal of time, it’s always nice to have a bit of extra assurance; especially if this is your first time buying from this brand.


If you can get past the unit’s lackluster warranty and if you don’t plan on tackling any jobs which require an extremely powerful steamer, you’ll appreciate the Rowenta Master Valet to a large degree. It is undoubtedly the best when it comes to sheer convenience. This is very apparent through its level of power relative to its overall size and weight as well as its included accessories and roll-out ironing board. For a large level of convenience, ease of use and effectiveness, look no further than the Rowenta Master Valet.

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