Pure Enrichment PureSteam Review (Updated March ’20)

The Pure Enrichment PureSteam is marketed both as a means of handling tough wrinkles on the go and as an excellent way to tackle small jobs at home when saving time is a priority. Being a portable unit, you’ll also find it great if any old steamer will do, so long as you don’t have to drain your wallet in the process of acquiring one. Because it is so small and made with an equally small amount of materials, you can be sure you’re still getting a quality steamer, even if its extremely low price might suggest otherwise.


There is one major issue shared by all portable steamers across the board; their very short steam time per filling. While it can be easy to assume that smaller units will be lower in power, thus reducing the rate at which they burn through their water, this is often not the case. The Pure Enrichment PureSteam is still a rather powerful unit, though it comes equipped with a very small water tank. The small tank in question offers a few benefits, though comes at the cost of giving the steamer a very short steam time. At ten minutes, it’s not hard to find a more practical steamer in this regard. Luckily, this is where the Pure Enrichment PureSteam’s drawbacks end.


Due to the unit’s aforementioned small water tank, you’ll find it takes no time at all to get your steamer up and running. With a tank completely filled with cold water, you’ll still be able to get your Pure Enrichment PureSteam ready to steam your clothes in two minutes after turning it on. This is a large benefit shared by most portable steamers.


For such a small steamer, you’ll find the Pure Enrichment PureSteam to be extremely powerful. In fact, you may even find it to be somewhat more effective than a wide variety of units up to two or three times its size. While its small size may be deceiving, you can be sure this little steamer still packs quite a large punch. It also has a nozzle which is as large as that of most bigger steamers, giving you the ability to get more done in less time. However, I had to dock the Pure Enrichment PureSteam one point on its effectiveness rating, being that (slightly) more powerful units can be had with little searching.


The durability inherent in the Pure Enrichment PureSteam isn’t just great when stacked up against portable steamers, but household steamers as a whole. Despite reaching up to seven or eight times higher in price, you’ll find a whole lot of larger steamers to actually be less portable than this specific unit. This is great if you’re purely out to save money on your next steamer purchase, being that it’s already such a cheap unit. Through its high degree of durability and its low price, you can be sure this purchase will save you money both now and later on down the road.


While perhaps not bad, the Pure Enrichment PureSteam’s warranty couldn’t be considered all that great either. With a warranty of two years in length, you’ll find the coverage offered by this manufacturer to be on par with the rest of the steamers currently offered on the market. The warranty in question covers any possible manufacturing defects which may present themselves. While this may not cover mishaps on behalf of the customer, it’s nice to know the manufacturer is giving you the right product.


Whether you’re in need of something portable or whether the plan is simply to save a very large amount of money on your next steamer through purchasing one with a smaller water tank that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, the Pure Enrichment PureSteam is the perfect steamer when it falls in the right hands. It has a high amount of power and effectiveness in relation to its size, it has a great heat-up time and its durability trumps steamers of all sizes. Assuming its portable stature does what you need it to do, the Pure Enrichment PureSteam is easily one of the best steamers out there when factoring in its price.

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