Ivation 1500-Watt Review

The Ivation 1500-Watt is a household steamer which seems to primarily focus on giving you just the right amount of power for whatever cleaning jobs you may happen to be undertaking. It operates at a high amount of wattage and comes with four different steam settings; allowing you to choose just how much of said wattage you’d like to utilize in the first place. Outside of its rather large amount of power, it has a few other unique features as well, such as its varying steam time and the ability it will give you to add water to the tank as you’re in the middle of steaming something.

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Steam Time Per Filling

While I gave the Ivation 1500-Watt a rating of five in the steam time department, it’s worth noting that your own experience may be drastically different from mine. In fact, depending on the particular steam setting you end up using for a job, the unit’s steam time can last anywhere in between seventy minutes and seven hours. What’s more, the Ivation 1500-Watt is built in a way that allows you to easily add more water to it even while its running, giving it an unlimited steam time in a certain sense.

Heat-Up Time

The steamer’s tank can heat its water all the way up to maximum temperature over the course of forty-five seconds. While this already sounds impressive at face value, it’s even more impressive when you consider just how large the tank is. With a steam time of at least seventy minutes while being powered by 1500 watts, you can be sure it comes equipped with a very large tank. As such, it’s certainly nice to see the Ivation 1500-Watt reach its steaming heat in less than a minute. This goes in contrast with many heavy-duty steamers which may take ten minutes or more to completely heat up.


Because of its large level of power, you’ll always find the Ivation 1500-Watt to be extremely effective. If you know you’ll be dealing with materials which can’t take a lot of high temperatures, you’ll have the option to turn down the steamer’s heat output. As such, you’ll find it to be compatible and, thus, effective in a wide variety of situations. When using it at max power, you’ll find it is able to get the job done much quicker than a large variety of similar products currently seen on the market.


If you’ve spent any significant amount of time researching steamers online or looking at them in brick and mortar stores, you’ve likely noticed that a large portion of them incorporate a lot of transparent plastic into their make. While it’s nice to have a wider view of how much water is left in the tank, transparent plastics just aren’t all that durable. As such, it’s refreshing to see a steamer such as the Ivation 1500-Watt refrain from using such a large abundance of such a material. This makes it much more resistant to cracks when compared to many other steamers which use a whole lot of flimsy plastic.


As much as the Ivation 1500-Watt seems like one of the better steamer units out there, it comes with a rather unfortunate warranty. Lasting only one year in length (a time frame which is definitely below average), you’re just not getting as much coverage here as you would be with many other high-end models which often come with three-year warranties. You can expect the Ivation 1500-Watt to last years after its warranty wears off, which is a bit of a relief. Still, it would be nice to see the manufacturer offer a larger degree of protection for those who buy their steamer.

Overall Summary

If you’re looking for a great warranty, the Ivation 1500-Watt may leave you disappointed. If you’re looking for anything else; however, there’s a good chance that this steamer has it. Through an extremely long maximum steam time, a high level of durability and the ability to fill the tank as the steamer is being used, the Ivation 1500-Watt brings a large level of innovation to the table. Even then, if all you’re looking for is a steamer with a large level of power to overcome any job, you’ll still be able to appreciate just what this unit has to offer. At 1500 watts of power, you can be sure no job is too big for the Ivation 1500-Watt.

Ivation 1500-Watt Review
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