Haan Steam Mop Review (Updated March ’20)

Have you been searching for the ideal solution for performing cleaning jobs at home or perhaps at the professional workplace?

Introducing the Haan steam mop that provides superior style functionalities that are coupled with advanced steam delivery technology. To be specific, the inclusion of the special steam technology allows the Haan steam mop to provide its users with superior cleaning features from the time its assembled for use. In fact, similar to all flagship products, this unit has been designed to simple to assemble and to use as well.

This steam mop hs been designed with style in mind, but what lies underneath the sleek exterior of this device is what makes it so special for your unique cleaning needs. Simply put, the smart steam technology has been designed to kill well over 99.95 of household germs and bacteria to provide exceptional cleaning results.

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The added benefit of using this steam cleaner is that it can easily be transformed from a fully functional steam into a handheld steam sanitizer. As a result, this steam provides the versatility of converting from a steam mop into a smaller machine to clean and sanitizes a broad spectrum of household surfaces such as walls, bathtubs, and stoves as well. More so, users can also use this steam mop to sanitize and clean the floor and so much more due to the versatile design features of this unit. In fact, cleaning enthusiasts will appreciate how this steam mop can transform from a fully functional steam mop into a handheld steam sanitizer with the simple manipulation of a button.

As one of the steam cleaning powerhouses that are available on the consumer market today, this unit comes with an onboard hand-held steam as well as other important attachments such as the steam bonnet, round nylon, and the mini steam head as well to clean almost any section above the floor. This HAAN unit also comes with a multi-swivel head mop for simple maneuverability and an extra long cord that makes it simple to fill in as little as 20 seconds. This unit can be used to kill well over 99.9% of the conventional household germs, bacteria, and dust mites as well without the need of chemicals.

It’s important note that steam cleaner is ideal for both sanitizing and cleaning as well. The effects of grime and dirt that often adhere to household surfaces and the heat of steam can be used to break the bonds between the crud and the surface to allow for easy removal of the dirt. More so, the consistent heat of the HAAN steam can be used to simultaneously clean and kill well over 99.9% of viruses and household germs in minimal time.

Additional features 

  • Removable water tank- this unit comes with a detachable water tank that is simple to fill at the tap or perhaps by using piping water
  • Steam pump- users will also appreciate the inclusion of the machine powered a steam pump that provides consistent steam emission and eliminates the need of using a manual pump.
  • Heater- with the inclusion of the newly integrated minicom circuit heater, this steam heater can heat up in as little as 20 seconds.
  • Steam jets- besides that, this steam mop comes with as many as 15 steam jets that are used to evenly disperse 212 degrees of steam across a wide cleaning path for excellent cleaning results
  • Ultra microfiber pads- more importantly, this steam mop also comes with four layer thick ultra microfiber pads that create a streak free and quick drying result.


The Haan has also been designed to allow for one-step cleaning results, thereby eliminating the need to use a bucket or chemical cleaners

This unit will also deodorize your household surface with the special steam cleaning power that removes the effects of odor-causing bacteria that are often found on pillows or upholstery

With its chemical free design, this unit steam cleans and sanitizes without the need for chemicals for gentle clean results. This means that it doesn’t have harmful fumes of chemical residues that may harm your health.

The economical nature of this steam cleaner helps you to save money on expensive cleaning solutions or perhaps for disposable wipes as well

This steam mop is also versatile and can be used for mopping and make various household surfaces such as cushions and pillows more healthy.

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