Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop Review (Updated March ’20)

There is no sense in denying it, but when it comes to some of the most contemporary cleaning solutions and methods that are available on the consumer market today.

The bissel power fish steam mop has to be one of the best solutions that can be found on the consumer market today. The Bissell power fresh steam mop provides deep cleaning results to leave your household surfaces with a fresh and appealing scent. Besides that, this special steam mop has been designed to get deep down to mitigate the effects of grout in crevices and nooks of our household surfaces for optimal cleaning results each time.

More importantly, as one of the fully features steam mops that are available on the consumer market, this steam mop comes with special smart set steam control to let you monitor and adjust the amount of steam required to tackle household messes. Besides that, this steam mop is also ideal for light cleaning results since it comes with an unusual low setting that makes it perfect for everyday messes and it allows users to choose the medium for cleaning even the toughest of household messes.


Whenever you need additional cleaning boost to cut through the dried on sticky spots, then all you only need to do is to flip down the easy scrubber on the mop head for added functionality. Besides that, this unit comes with individual bristles that work to easily and quickly remove the effects of stubborn messes even down in the crevices.

Discover the excellence of the Bissell Power, fresh mop that provides you with a simple cleaning procedure for shiny and sanitized floors with a variable digital steam control feature. Equipped with the handy and flip down easy scrubber, you can easily clean even the toughest of household messes. Besides that, you can also use this bissel power fish steam cleaner to clean sticky and dried spots two times faster than the conventional steam mops. This is achieved with the inclusion of the inbuilt scrubber while experiencing the benefits of whole-room freshness with the inclusion of the additional scent discs. Cleaning and sanitizing your floors has never been easier without the use of the bissel power fish steam mop.

Additional features include the 23-power cord, two different mop pods one for everyday cleaning and one with scrubbing pads. The low profile mop head also reaches into the hard to clean edges and corners as well.

The powder fresh steam mop also comes with a special Spring Breeze fragrance discs. Besides that, it also comes with special scented discs that can be inserted into the discs into the pocket of the mop pad to enjoy a fresh and clean aroma while you steam mop your household surfaces. All you simply need to do is to discard the cleaning disc when you are done to leave your home with a clean and fresh scent.

Variable steam control- Getting the clean that suits your needs is simple, and all your simply need to do is to push a button with low, medium or high steam setting.

Inbuilt scrubber- Helps you to power through spots and deep clean crevices with the simple to use and attached scrubber

Spring-breeze scent pads and microfiber pads- Enjoy the superior quality of clean surfaces with the inclusion of fragrance discs, or without if you prefer.


  • Eliminate the effect of well over 99.9% of germs and bacteria especially when used as directed
  • Clean sticky and dried on messes with well over two times faster results than the conventional steam mob with an inbuilt microfiber mop pad and easy scrubber
  • Smartest digital and variable steam control feature
  • Inbuilt and flip down easy scrubber
  • Spring Breeze fragrance discs that are detachable


All things considered, when it comes to cleaning your household surfaces, then there is no space for poor improvisation. This is because the household surfaces play a major role in your overall health and the appeal of your home as well. For this reason, an excellent solution for you would be to start with the Bissel power fresh steam mop as the ideal investment for your unique floor cleaning needs. From the special cleaning bristles to the smart set technology for easy functionality, this steam cleaner easily qualifies as the ideal addition to your cleaning regime.

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