How to Steam Clean Carpet

Steam cleaning is not literal use of steam for cleaning. It is not the steam that cleans the carpet it is the detergents manipulated by the machine that the steam makes effective. The method never disappoints. Always yields the expected results of serenity and authenticity.

Why would you steam clean your carpet? The answer to the question is obvious, but not as obvious as the other methods of cleaning carpets.

  • Total removal of stubborn stains
  • Authentic appearance
  • Dirt removal
  • Removal of allergens
  • Long-lasting

There is something you don’t know. Most carpets are stain resistant but not stain-proof. They were made to resist stains but hey, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stained. With time the fiber of the carpet gathers dirt, bacteria and other staining agents.

Carpet is quite expensive. You don’t want to flash the expensive product you just bought down the drain. That is why you need to exactly know how to clean it using steam cleaning method.

Inappropriate gear and techniques can cause the carpet more damage than good. Put into practice a few tips to steam clean your precious piece of art as needed. You, therefore need to follow the well explained secrets and tricks to fully benefit from this outstanding method that not only removes stains but also gets rid of the harshest bacteria.

Do you Really know how to Operate the Steam Cleaner?

First things first, you need to know how to operate the machine. When pushing and pulling the machine do it VERY slowly, especially the pulling. This is to make sure it extracts as much water as possible. Leaving behind water will soak your carpet creating mold and mildew which will result to stench.

You must also know the right weather for steam cleaning. Do it when it is warm. Always open the windows to quicken drying. You can also use fans, just make sure the carpet dries faster than mildew can form.

How Good is your Steam Cleaner

To determine how good the cleaner is check the following qualities:

  • Does it remove a lot of soil from the carpet?
  • Does it remove the maximum amount of water for quick drying?
  • Is the machine damaging the appearance of the carpet?

Basically, the machine should be able to suck almost all water from the carpet to facilitate quick drying. Within 12 hours the carpet should be dry or mildew will accumulate resulting to horrible odor. The cleaner should also suck enough water since over-wetting causes the back of the carpet to separate from the front damaging the entire carpet. The machine should also be powerful enough to extract the cleaning detergent before the carpet re-soils again.

Don’t use Acidic or Powerful Bleaching Cleaning Solutions

You should be very careful with the amount of cleaning solution you use. Too much solution can easily damage the carpet.

Acidic solutions can tear and corrode the carpet. Be sure to use a solution that does not negatively affect the carpet.

At the end of the cleaning the solution should be able to improve the appearance of the carpet and bring about an attractive smell.

Before Steaming Prepare the Room

 If possible remove all the furniture from the room. If not, make sure to slide foils of aluminum or wax paper beneath the feet of the furniture. This is to avoid the furniture from absorbing any moisture from the carpet once the cleaning is done. You already know how messy the wetness can be. Leave the foils in place till the carpet is fully dry.

Removing furniture and other objects enhance faster cleaning. Nothing is on your way. You will also see dirt in high-traffic areas. Therefore, always clear the floor before you start the cleaning.

It is wise to first test a section of the carpet before proceeding to the entire carpet. This is to test the results of the cleaning method. You don’t want to test the entire carpet, you never know how bad the end result may be. This will also save you from damaging or fading your whole carpet just incase the product is not right for your carpet.

Now that you can operate the cleaner, can you use it?

Knowing how the machine works is not enough. Can you effectively use it? If yes, how do you go about it. From the start to the moment you finish using the machine. If not, you can always rely on the following steps that we skillfully devised. The steps will help you from the start to the end of the cleaning process.

If the Steam Cleaner Water Container is empty, fill it with Hot Water.

Remember it is a steam cleaner and needs hot water to function. Don’t fill it with boiling water. It may damage the container.

Add the Cleaning Solution.

If you are so much concerned about the warranty, use cleaning solution from the manufacturers. However, we have found out that some of these solutions are not that effective, maybe irritating and may cause allergies and asthma.

Make sure to use a solution that will fully remove stains from darker traffic areas. These areas are also oily. Because most of these solutions are soapy they need to be rinsed out of the carpet to totally finish the cleaning.

On the other hand to avoid rinsing the soap at the end of the cleaning, mix the solution with vinegar to neutralize it. Vinegar can also fight stains. Mixing vinegar with the solution lifts more dirt and deodorizes the carpet. Leaving it fresh and clean.

Begin Cleaning Areas furthest from the Doorway.

This is to make sure you don’t walk on the cleaned areas of the carpet.

Turn on the Air Conditioner and Fans as soon as you Finish Cleaning.

We have emphasized on drying of the carpet so much. This is because it is paramount. Turning on the fans and the air conditioner will accelerate the drying of the carpet. A carpet can take as much as a whole day to dry. But turning on these drying gears accelerate the drying process preventing mold and mildew from accumulating.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Test a hidden area of the carpet to make sure it does not burn the entire carpet.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet to remove dirt and grime before starting steam cleaning
  • Use baking soda to remove odors and stains
  • Set doormats at every entry point