Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop Review

For those who are not aware, steam cleaning is the contemporary and effective method of cleaning your household surfaces with outstanding results.

For instance, the steam mop- this is a special tool that us\utilizes water heated at a boiling point along with special detergents to ensure that your floor is not only free of dust and debris but it’s also free from microbial as well. One of the top rated steam mops available on the consumer market today is the shark professional steam pocket mop that comes with a broad spectrum of design features that make it ideal for cleaning your home floors with superior results each time. This will machine will essentially provide you with the peace of mind of no longer having to use mops and buckets, which can often be a fatiguing and a rather ineffective cleaning procedure. Simply put, this steam mop has been designed to incorporate a host of design features that make it ideal for your unique cleaning needs.

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Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop Features

The shark professional steam pocket mop aims to provide well over 99.9% cleaning capability to work to mitigate the effects of bacteria and germs to ensure deep clean results and to sanitize your floors as well. Besides that, the inclusion of the two-sided steam pocket pads provides twice the cleaning power of the conventional mops, with just the flip of a simple steam head unit. Furthermore, this unit also comes with a unique intelligent steam control that provides well over three distinct clean functionalities. These include the mop, the dust, and scrub features, that make it ideal for any floor surface and the particular cleaning methods that you may require for your property

Besides that, this unit also allows users to select the unique steam level that suits their unique cleaning needs including for cleaning tasks such as dirt or perhaps debris that often occur in areas with heavy traffic or perhaps for every day cleaning functionalities as well. The very light steam is ideal for light cleaning or perhaps ideal for cleaning the most delicate surfaces as well. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the two quick release mops with one rectangular quick release mop head that is regarded as an excellent cleaning feature for general cleaning. Furthermore, the additional rectangular mop head allows users to clean corners or perhaps any other hard to reach surfaces with excellent results each time. Further lending to its superior design features, is that it comes with a well-positioned tank that is simple to access and can hold sufficient water for endless cleaning power.

This professional Pocket mop also comes with detachable steam pockets that lifts and locks the dirt that the conventional mops will not leave behind. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the two unique sides that are designed for premium performance and quick drying results as well. In fact, each pad is meant to last well over 20 washes. With its patented cleaning design, the manufacturer of this unit guarantee that this shark professional steam pocket mop will provide double the cleaning results in minimal time. Users will also appreciate the durable exterior design that is not only meant for durability but is also aesthetically appealing to make this unit a highly valuable addition to your home cleaning needs.

Main features

  • Quick Release mop heads for cleaning large areas and detailed spaces
  • The steam cleaning is heated and ready for less than thirty seconds
  • Three versions of steam control for specific cleaning power
  • Shark steam pocket technology to provide double cleaning power with every unique pad
  • Superior cleaning results and quick dry durations


Given all these points, cleaning your floor with the correct methods has its inherent benefits. In fact, not only do these types of methods work well for cleaning your floor surfaces, but by the also help to ensure the longevity of the floors as well. The shark professional steam pocket mop that comes with a host of special features to make it ideal for cleaning your floors surfaces with superior results each time. You can kick start your new cleaning regime at home with this steam mop that eliminates the need for conventional and ineffective methods such as the mop.

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  • Heat-Up Time
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
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