How to Shampoo Carpet

Carpets add beauty, serenity and comfort to a home and you should always pick the best in the market. However, carpets collect dirt, stains or marks especially if you have kids.

Now and then, you will come across many people seeking help on how to shampoo carpet. Depending on the type of carpet you have on your home, keeping it clean is not a hassle.

What puts off many homeowners when it comes to carpet cleaning is time spend and efforts involved. You have to move furniture and wait for the carpet to dry up.

If you have just bought a new carpet and wondering how to clean it to perfection, worry not. There are simple ways to embrace and learn how to shampoo your carpet.

Easy Way to Shampoo Your Carpet-Everything you need to Know

There are different ways that you can use and clean your carpet. Carpet shampoo is one of the popular and widely relied on carpet cleaning method.

Carpet shampoo brands differ and you have to make sure you are using the best. Always follow the guidance on the label and ensure the brand you purchase is the best for your carpet.

A carpet shampoo is a foam that you spray onto your carpet and allow it to dry. The foam attracts dirt and leaves your carpet clean to perfection.

The carpet cleaning process can be taxing if you are doing it yourself or for the first. Nevertheless, here is a simple procedure on how to shampoo carpet;

  1. Get the best carpet cleaning machine

You can purchase your own or rent a carpet cleaning machine. Renting carpet cleaning machine is the best solution to your carpet cleaning woes.

It is a cost-effective approach especially if you don’t clean your carpet regularly. If you have a lot of carpets, you can purchase one for day to day use. Also, purchase carpet shampoo from the same rental website or store you visit.

  1. Remove furniture from the room you will be using to clean your carpet

Choose one room and put your furniture in one corner to create enough cleaning space. Ensure there is enough space to let the carpet dry well.

  1. Spray heavily stained parts of the carpet with a stain remover

You have to follow manufacturer’s instructions if you have never used a carpet stain remover before. The stain remover works using chemicals to break dirt particles from the carpet fibers.

  1. Get the carpet cleaning machine ready for the task ahead

Fill the cleaning machine tank with clean water and carpet shampoo as per provided instructions. Pay a lot of attention on the amount of shampoo you are going to use. Do not use more than required.

Using excessive shampoo will leave greater residue on your carpet and make the carpet look dirtier.

  1. Take the right shampooing action

Start cleaning your shampoo in a specific pattern so as to do a proper and complete job. Do not work in random circles or haphazard zigzags on the carpet.

It is wise to begin from one corner of the room and walk forward slowly with the cleaning machine. The machine has rotary brushes underneath it than agitate the carpet letting the shampoo to set on the carpet fiber and draw out dirt and stains.

  1. Go on cleaning your carpet until you get to the other side of the room

Walk slowly over the shampooed area and you will be able to see dirty water and areas with stubborn stains. Move several times one the harder stains until there is no more dirt.

  1. Refill the washing machine with clean water

Move through the entire room until the waste water is sucked up and you are satisfied by the condition of the carpet.

  1. Give your carpet an ample time to dry before moving the furniture to their respective position

Your carpet may take a few hours or a day depending on it size and the room to dry up. You can also look for other options and allow you carpet to dry within a short duration.

Carpet Cleaning Is Not a Difficult Task

Cleaning your carpet is not a difficult task if you know how to do it yourself. However, don’t rush at all times.

Use the right machine and approved carpet cleaning shampoo. Carpet shampoo works miracles on your carpet.

For instance, it will extend its life, eliminate trapped contamination, prevent molds and improve the health of your family. If you find it challenging, it is wise to seek the help of carpet cleaning experts.