If you are looking for a way to get your clothing looking sharp and professional, you will want to consider getting a garment steamer. A garment steamer does a much better job of removing wrinkles from items of clothing and is much easier to use than an iron. These handy items have come a long way over the years. They are available in many different styles and sizes and are very easy to travel with as well.
If you are not quite sure what a garment steamer is, this guide will help you understand exactly what they are and how they can help you put your best foot forward, no matter what the situation. A garment steamer removes the wrinkles from clothing by using steam that relaxes the fibers in the material.

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The difference between in what a garment steamer does versus what an iron does is that an iron flattens the material as opposed to relaxing the fibers the way the steamer does. For this reason, a garment steamer is a perfect choice for getting the wrinkles out of delicate materials that an iron can damage.

Top 10 Garment Steamers

Jiffy Steamer J-4000M1500W
Jiffy Steamer J-2000M1300W
Rowenta Master Valet1550W
Jiffy Steamer J-20001300W
PureSteam XL1500W
Steamfast SF-4071500W
PurSteam 850 Watt850W
PureSteam Fabric850W

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Benefits of Using a Garment Steamer

There are many benefits to using a garment steamer. It is these benefits that are making it much more desirable for people to purchase a steamer as opposed to using an iron, even if it is a steam iron. We’ve outlined these benefits below.

  • Better for Delicate Fabrics - Many shirts, blouses, dresses and even slacks are made from materials that can get damaged, scorched or ruined by an iron if the right setting isn’t used. Some items are just not meant to come in contact with a blazing hot iron.

A steamer takes these dangers away by removing the wrinkles without even having to contact the material directly. The steam does all the work and the material is left undamaged and looking professional, wrinkle free and terrific. You can use a garment steamer on all kinds of fabrics including lace, silk, satin and polyester…all fabrics that an iron would normally damage.

  • Use for Drapes, Upholstery and Mattresses – One of the many great things about a garment steamer is that they can be used on other things besides clothing. Want your drapes to look fresh and crisp?       Pull out the steamer and use it on them.

It is the perfect way to get things around the house to have that fresh, crisp look as well. You can even steam your sheets and comforters for perfect, wrinkle free beds too. Another benefit that many may not know is that you can use them on your mattresses to get rid of dust mites and odors in the mattresses.

  • Easily Reaches all Areas of Clothing - When you use a regular iron, there are certain parts of the garment that an iron really can’t get into easily. There is no way to use an iron and get every part of the item of clothing wrinkle –free. When you use a garment steamer, no part of the fabric is going to be left wrinkled. Whether it is the collar of a dress shirt or the shoulders of a blouse, the steam will reach it and get those wrinkled areas straight and smooth.
  • Restores the Shape of Garments – If any of your clothing has been stretched out of flattened but cleaning or wearing, a garment steamer can help. The steam of the garment steamer actually helps flattened and stretched out items if clothing regains its volume and shape so it looks as good as new.
  • A Great Replacement for Dry Cleaning - A good garment steamer will replace the need for dry cleaning your items as it will freshen, de-wrinkle and steam your clothing to perfection. Dry cleaning can be very costly but your garment steamer will help you save that money and use it for something else you need or want.
  • Great Portability – Another great benefit to having a garment steamer is how easily they can be taken with you anywhere. If you’re working and have an important meeting after work, or a special dinner out planned, you can bring your garment steamer with you and freshen your clothing quickly and easily in your office or even the restroom in just minutes. The same applies to traveling for business or pleasure.       You will have a fast, easy way to get your clothes looking brand new.
  • Super Easy to Use – Garment steamers are so simple to use you will wish you had purchased one a long time ago. All you have to do is fill the reservoir with water to the appropriate fill line and you’re all set.
  • Time Saver - It is much faster to de-wrinkle an outfit with a garment steamer than it is to use an iron.       Add in not having to drag out the iron, wait for it to heat up, find a flat place to lay your items and you have a super convenient and even enjoyable way to get your clothes looking fresh, clean and crisp.
  • No Chemicals Needed - Another positive that many consumers love about using a garment steamer is that they require no chemicals to use. All you need to get exceptional results is water which makes this a very eco-friendly choice for getting wrinkle-free, fresh, crisp clothing.
  • Reduces Wear and Tear on Clothing – When you wash your clothing repeatedly it weakens the fabric and can fade it as well. Using a garment steamer on your clothing to clean, freshen and sanitize them will reduce the rate in which they wear out. Your clothing will stay looking good as new for longer when you are not washing and drying it over few days.

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Different Types of Steamers

There are two basic styles of garment steamers available to consumers: the floor model garment steamer and the compact, handheld steamer. The type that is most often purchased by consumers is the handheld, compact style due to the needs that most consumers have.

The floor model style is often used by dress shops, tailors, and dry cleaners. Regular consumers also sometimes buy the standing, floor model garment steamer but for the most part, that is not the type of steamer the average consumer purchases due to space issues.

The compact style is perfect for using anywhere including and maybe even especially while you are traveling.   Even when you are very careful, clothing inevitably gets wrinkled when you are traveling, even if they are in garment bags.

Having a steamer ensures that once you take your clothing out of the suitcase or garment bag, you can hang it up, take out your steamer and get it looking perfect and ready to wear. For businessmen and women that are traveling for important meetings, a garment steamer is a true lifesaver when it comes to presenting yourself in the most professional and put together manner possible.

Many models of garment steamers have a set of steamer tools that come with it. These tools offer various additional functions and may include items like a lint brush and/or bristle brush.

How to Usea Garment Steamer

Using a garment steamer is not complicated at all. In fact, it is much easier and safer to use than a regular iron. The steps are super simple.

  1. Fill the base/reservoir with water to the fill line
  2. Heat up until the water turns to steam
  3. Hold the steamer with the nozzle facing the wrinkled areas of the clothing and press the button so steam is emitted onto the garment.
  4. Continue to move the steam over the different areas of the item you are steaming until it is wrinkle-free.

Assess Your Needs and Lifestyle

There are several questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down the field of choices and assist in the shopping process so you end up with the right garment steamer. Take these things into consideration when you are making your garment steamer choice and that will ensure that you get the steamer that will fit your specific clothing needs.

  • Do you need to travel with the steamer? - If you will not ever be traveling with the steamer or if you have plenty of room to have a free standing floor steamer AND a travel one, then you may consider the free standing garment steamer. Due to all of the attachments they usually have, a floor standing garment steamer is a good, multi purpose item.
  • Do you travel a lot? – If you are on the road a lot, the travel garment steamer could very easily become your best travel buddy. It will easily keep your clothing in peak condition and you will always look sharp wherever you go, even if you live out of your suitcase. The travel garment steamer fits inside your suitcase very easily.       Travel garment steamers have a smaller reservoir, so you may have to fill them more often but they are super convenient to travel with and are much easier to deal with and use than an iron.
  • Do you Wear a lot of Professional Style Clothing? -  If you dress in suits every day or you wear dresses and business clothing on a daily basis, a garment steamer should be a must have in your life.       It is SO much easier and faster to take care of the wrinkles in your clothing with a garment steamer than it is dragging out the iron. Your clothing will always look fantastic and wrinkle free and you will feel a lot more professional as well.
  • What Type of Clothing do You Own? – If your wardrobe consists of jeans and T-shirts, you may not see the need for a garment steamer, but if you own a lot of dress clothes or clothing that requires dry cleaning or you do a lot of high end entertaining or business functions, a garment steamer will have you looking professional and impressive every time you go out.

Benefits of using a good garment steamer

Maintaining Your Garment Steamer

If you take good care of your garment steamer, you will have it around for a long time and get your money’s worth and more from it. There are some basic maintenance steps that you can do to ensure that it continues to work well and provide the kind of results you want. These steps are for the basic cleaning on your garment steamer.

  1. Turn off the steamer and unplug it
  2. Let the steamer cool down before cleaning; at least 30 minutes to an hour should be sufficient.
  3. Wrap up the power cord and put away
  4. Re move the steamer hose and drain any water out of it
  5. Remove the water reservoir and dump out any leftover water not used in the steaming process. Let it dry completely
  6. Remove any water that is in the steamer where the tank goes
  7. Collapse the telescopic rod and coil the hose and put away
  8. Put the water tank back on the steamer after it is dry
  9. Store the appropriate parts in the housing unit that the manual instructs users to store
  10. Make sure there is absolutely no dampness or water in the steamer anywhere if you are going to be storing the unit for any length of time.

Choosing the best garment steamer for your home


Ironing used to be a commonplace, weekly activity that housewives did for their family’s clothing. But due to the faster pace of life, different clothing materials that resist wrinkles and dryers that reduce a number of wrinkles that clothing has, the need for weekly ironing has almost fallen by the wayside completely.

Not all clothing comes out wrinkle free though and there is still a difference in appearance between a shirt that has come out of the dryer right away and been hung up, and a shirt that was steamed with a garment steamer. Due to the results it gets, garment steaming is becoming a common activity to get clothes looking crisp and wrinkle-free and is not just for professionals anymore.

You’ve heard the term, ‘clothing makes the man or woman’ and that is true even in today’s more relaxed society of accepting people’s eclectic styles. If you love elegant clothing but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on dry cleaning bills, you will love what a garment steamer can do for you.

You will save a lot of money on buying replacement clothing as well because your clothes will last longer and stay looking great a lot longer when you use a steamer rather than washing and drying or using a traditional dry cleaning service that uses a lot of chemicals in their process. It doesn’t matter how expensive your clothing is, if it looks like you slept in it, the clothing will look shabby and unkempt.

A garment steamer will make your whole wardrobe as well as your household items like upholstery, drapes, sheets and your mattresses looking and smelling fresh, clean and crisp. It is an item that pays for itself time and time again.