Marilyn Briggs, who has graced us with her expert opinion on the best garment steamers in the business, came from humble beginnings, in Damariscotta, Maine. She grew up as Marilyn Adams in a small house with three older brothers and her parents. Always the industrious little worker, she used to comb the beach for sea glass to sell when she was young. When her mother got a part-time job at the laundry in town, she helped out with the business and chores.

With her father and brothers working professional jobs, she used what she learned from her mother at the laundry about how to take care of their good shirts and business outfits. Over the years, she learned to dry clean, to iron and to use steam to take the wrinkles out of clothes. She worked a couple of other odd jobs, like being a maid for her friends and neighbors, and pet-sitting. Her family continued to work hard for many years until her older brothers moved out and started lives of their own. It was at that time that she considered her own future.

When Marilyn got older, she went to the Rhode Island College of Design for a couple of years, specializing in fine art. She always had a penchant for arts and crafts and sought to make a new career. It was at college that she met her future husband, Daryl Briggs. After earning her Associates degree, she decided to end her professional education and become a full-time wife and mother. Now, at 32, she has a son and daughter of her own and is settle down in Rhode Island. However, she channels her knowledge about clothing and house care through the blog. She is also active in the arts and crafts community, continuing her artistic passion while taking care of her family. She has led a truly blessed life thus far, and continues to share her knowledge to curious readers online.